Circular economy

Circular economy

What is circular economy in fashion?

Many companies in the fashion industry have been confronting the menace of climate change by implementing innovative sustainable measures. From altering weather patterns that stop food production, to the disastrous flooding due to sea levels rising, the negative consequences we are facing due to climate change is terrifying.


Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash


What you need to know:

Greenhouse gases occur naturally from the earth, it is essential for human survival, and for millions of other living things. This is due by keeping some of the sun’s warmth from reflecting back into space to make this earth habitable. In the last century and a half, quantities of greenhouse gases have risen to record levels that we have not seen in three million years due to industrialization, deforestation, and large scale agriculture. As the planet’s population keeps augmenting, along with economic growth and lavish lifestyles normalize, the level of greenhouse gases (GHGs) emissions intensify. A great read regarding the global warming effect, we recommend this article from the United Nations.

Circular economy is an important alternative to the traditional linear economy. It is a way to make the most usage of any product by keeping their resources as long as possible, reuse, salvage, recover and regenerate new products and materials at the end of each lifestyle.

Fashion companies have been implementing this option as a new means of design, bringing forward innovative design, hence creating a revolutionary system in the fashion industry which we have not seen for years. Despite the horrors we are facing with climate change, the future is positive with so many leaders bringing an innovative green approach to production.

Amazing companies doing incredible things right now:

Everlane is making running shoes made out of plastic bottles and recycled and natural rubber, cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 54%.


The Trainer Sneaker from Everlane

The Trainer Sneaker from Everlane


Stella McCartney is offering reengineered cashmere Re.Verso™ made from post-factory cashmere waste in Italy.  


Re.Verso™ cashmere sweater from Stella McCartney

Re.Verso cashmere Stella McCartney


Reformation has been using end-of-roll fabrics for years, another fashion term would be deadstock. This would be to use the balance of fabric that is unused after a fabric production.


Clancie dress from Reformation

Clancie dress from Reformation

We feel it is our duty to participate in the de-escalation of climate change. At Wearshop, we minimize the leathers we use that come from new productions, and use end-of roll leathers instead- that is, we use leathers that are from the remains of productions, reducing waste and minimizing the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. This gives us the opportunity to offer our client a beautiful product at a great price. Join the movement, let’s clean up the air today so we can breathe better tomorrow. You can discover our handbags at


 Meletti bag in Viola color from Wearshop


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