How to Care for Your Leather

How to Care for Your Leather

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When you invest in quality pieces, you want to make sure that the item you’re purchasing will stand the test of time. If the quality is there, all you need to worry about is maintenance and care. We are more than happy to share some tips with you.

All types of leather, from suede to patent, require a care routine in order to maintain their youthful, healthy glow, year after year and season after season. Like our own care routines, a little attention can go a long way. A suede, for example, requires a much different routine than the one you might have for a smooth calf leather bag.


For leathers with smooth calf and pebble grain finishes

We love, and highly recommend, a maintenance cream in natural color like Saphir’s Universal Cream Polish, made with a luxe blend of beeswax and jojoba oil. This amazing cream will clean your leather all while nourishing and protecting your bag. The formula is light enough to not clog the pores of your leather so it won’t look dull. This cream can be used on chrome and vegetable dyed leathers. If you wear your bag everyday, you can clean your bag every few months as needed, by dabbing a little bit of the cream on a dry lint-free cloth in circular motion. 

Suedes and Nubucks 

These leathers cannot be cleaned with creams as they can permanently damage your items. The nap in these skins require special care. We recommend brushes made specifically for these types of leathers in order to lift and remove dirt from the nap. For extra care, try to keep these types of leathers from water, snow or liquids.  A good thing to invest in would be a specialized waterproofing spray that will protect your bag. Bonus, these sprays are also great for smooth leathers as they don’t contain silicone. Our recommendation is Pedag's Waterproof spray

Each leather is unique and will require its own special care, however we do recommend a wipe-down of your bag with a simple, slightly damp, microfiber cloth which can easily clean the softest leathers, and special finishes such as patent leather. For suedes, your best bet is always to stick with a brush that is made specifically for suede to smooth down any unwanted marks. 

Dark clothing

Try to avoid dark clothing, such as dark jeans, to light colored leathers, as any loose dye from the clothing can easily transfer to your light colored bag. 

Keep it simple

There are many products out there, but it’s best to keep it simple. An industry trick is also to use some dish soap and water for some stains on smooth and pebble leathers if you don’t want to use or have a natural cream. Please do keep in mind that if you use any products on your bag, test them in an inconspicuous area first in order to be sure that this product won’t damage your leather. Products made for leather should be kept off any hardware that is on your bag, as it could tarnish or damage metals. 


Since leathers and suedes are so soft, it’s also good to have a plan for storage. Prior to storing your bag, you should clean it and remove any dirt that is visible with a damp lint-free cloth. Once your bag is clean, stuff the inside with tissue paper in order to maintain the bag’s shape so that it looks just as great the next time that you take it out. To store safely and protect it from dust, dirt and scratches, place it in the dust bag that your Wearshop bag is shipped in. 


Our bags are made to last. They’re made to follow you around on your day to day, year after year. Bring home one of our bags, keep our care tips in mind, and you’ll be able to enjoy your bag for a long time.

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