Rethink Your Relationships

Rethink Your Relationships



When you think of relationships, the first thing that comes to mind likely isn’t whatever’s hanging in your closet. We don’t mean a $20 mass produced t-shirt, we’re referring to your investment pieces: luxury handbags, designer blazers, high quality leather pumps. You’re not necessarily equating your favorite piece in your closet with a long term relationship. When you consider what’s gone into getting that piece there, and how long it’ll be with you, it could become obvious to you that your favorite relationship is with a piece of clothing or accessory. 

When we think about any kind of relationship, we ask ourselves what the difference is between a relationship that lasts and one that doesn’t. We wonder what key element differentiates the two. After thinking about it, it quickly became obvious to us. In our opinion the answer is: the foundation.

A strong foundation takes time to build. Like all good, lasting relationships, romantic or platonic, time is key. Time allows for something truly great to blossom. You can fall in love at first sight, but worthwhile connections take time and effort. 

When you add a luxury piece to your repertoire, you’re opting for a real quality over mass production - which only gives the illusion of time. Creating one of these pieces took someone, not a machine, time to make, time to hone their craft in order to make it. The strong foundation of this product is time, which ensures that it will last. 

What we love most about our handbags is that our artisans ensure that they are made to last. They’re built from scratch. Our craftspeople create the bags with time and skill that took years to learn. The quality of the leather ensures durability. Should you face stormy weather, it won’t fall apart at the first hard wind. Nor will it fall apart after 3 years. This is because it was properly put together, from the start.

There’s a comforting beauty to the way good quality leather ages and adapts to you and the life you put it through. With time, it gains character, showing its true beauty. The leather softens, the pebble takes a new look, the oils of your skin give the bag a patina, a new and unique glow. You know how it’s going to feel as soon as you pick it up, and how it’ll feel at the end of the day. Like snuggling up to a long term partner, there’s comfort in something (or someone) that’s been with you for the long haul. 

Are we hopeless romantics when it comes to high quality products, specifically handbags? We might be, but maybe it’s because we are done with the throw away culture that our generation is living in, and want to invest in a life of value. We don't mean spend a whole paycheck on a handbag, but curate your pieces, and invest in affordable luxury that has staying power. Your relationship with your partner, your friends, or those key pieces you will wear everyday such as handbags, shoes, or a good pair of jeans are meant to be taken care of and last longer than just a brief moment.

If you’re not equating your closet to a long term relationship, maybe it’s time to start. Nothing should be so disposable as to only be good enough for one wear. Give yourself the gift of something that will last, invest in your wardrobe, and watch a beautiful, new kind of relationship blossom that’s good for your closet, the planet, and for yourself.
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