Slowing down for a better living

Slowing down for a better living

A note from the founder


Luxury can be many different things to different people. To us at Wearshop, luxury is the choice of quality over quantity. Skill and craftsmanship over mass production. Hardworking, knowing hands, instead of machines. This, and more, is what Wearshop is about. 

Making something by hand requires skill, it’s not something that you learn by reading about in a book. The study happens through manipulation of the material. Through hours of work. A skill takes hours of practice to learn. 

When I started to learn how to sew, I used to pinch myself with the needle, some blood would come out of my finger. My grandmother used to tell me, ‘E il lavoro che entra’ in Italian, this means, ‘it’s the work that is entering you’. (And then she asked me to make sure I don’t stain the fabric with my blood.) 

When I think of my grandmother’s words, I realize what she meant; the work is entering you, so in turn you become the work and the work becomes you. The piece you are creating is intrinsically linked to you. Forever. 

My whole life, I have been surrounded by artisans and seamstresses of different forms and from different sectors. I've always respected someone's craft. I began Wearshop with the idea of giving artisans a voice. Of keeping a craft alive.  And so, I let them sign and date the bag they make. It’s an homage to a person's time, to a craftsman’s time, to the work that is in them, that they have spent so much of their life becoming.

What is luxury? For us, it’s the luxury of choice, of time well spent. It’s taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary, something that is part of you, part of its maker. 

It’s taking the time to slow down. In a world where everything needs to be immediate, we are taking our time, relishing the experience. We hope that you have the luxury to do the same. 



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