The Self-Care Capsule: International Women's Day 2021

The Self-Care Capsule: International Women's Day 2021

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During the last couple of years, there has been increased conversation around the topic of self-care. Since the pandemic began, just about a year ago, the conversation got a little louder, as we all found ourselves dealing with a new, unexpected reality. 

Over the Spring season, the Wearshop team would like to explore the meaning of self-care for our community - what it is, what it can be, and what it looks like to you. We wanted to start the conversation with International Women’s Day, and what self-care means to the Wearshop woman. We spoke to Sabrina Salvo, Senior Merchant of Sephora Canada, to get her thoughts on the topic, and some of her favorite things to ease into self-care to inspire you to perhaps indulge in a little self-care yourself - because let’s face it, you deserve it!

The most recent conversations around self-care that we’re seeing usually revolve around products, but it isn’t necessarily a materialistic conversation that we’re looking to have. While a bubble bath may relax your muscles, it doesn’t magically erase that long to-do list that awaits you as soon as you get out of the bath. It’s a process, it isn’t fleeting. To Sabrina, who works with the products on the “Best for Self-Care” lists, it’s simple, for her, it’s “just time for myself. Doing things that I want to do, and enjoy doing. Sometimes it’s going for a walk, but sometimes it’s just binge-watching a Netflix show!”

As women, we have a hard time taking time just for ourselves. Most women will prioritize tasks in the home, their work and other commitments, ultimately forgetting to focus on themselves. The weight of this looms heavy, and many can feel guilty taking a second to do something out of their regularly scheduled programming to just take care of themselves for a change. Sometimes it can be as easy as getting outdoors. Sabrina says, “Especially since this pandemic, I’ve tried to spend as much time outside as possible, no matter the season. Fresh air always helps ground me and clear my head. I also spend a lot of time with my pup, which is the perfect distraction to our very repetitive pandemic routines!

The conversation about self-care tends to revolve around women and be geared toward women, which Sabrina attributes to “the nurturing quality that runs in our blood that makes it easy for women to de-prioritize themselves.” If women everywhere are prioritizing themselves at the cost of their own wellness, it would make sense that these conversations, whether helpful or not, are centered around women. Sabrina adds, I do hope that if the trend continues to target women specifically, that it becomes a conversation around empowerment, and not necessarily about filling a constant void”.

Surviving in a world that demands so much from us women, it’s easy to see why these conversations target us. Whether it’s work demands, home and family obligations, financial worries, or even just the barrage of never-ending news we’re faced with, it’s easy to get caught up in it. Some experts suggest a morning routine that sets the tone for your day. We asked Sabrina what her routine looks like, and got a surprisingly refreshing answer: 

“I would love to say I’m up at the crack of dawn getting things done, but the truth is I just listen to my body. Sometimes my body wakes me up well-rested at 6:30 and I’m ready to do yoga and get my day started. But other days I wake up later if that’s what my body needs. One thing I try to do without fail is take the dog out for a walk and get some fresh air!”

We believe that there are few things that are better for you than taking the time to listen to your body and seeing what it needs at that moment. Being mindful of what needs to get done, and what can wait is the best way to take care of yourself. 

Though we agree that self-care doesn’t need to be a materialistic pursuit, pampering yourself once in a while is a great thing to do to unwind - especially if you’re working from home and your work-home life starts to all blend together. Sabrina shared some of her favorite products of the moment with us so you can hopefully take some time to celebrate you and all that you are on this International Women’s Day: 

  • Tatcha products, especially their Rice Wash Cleanser and Dewy Skin Cream
  • Youth to the People Dream Eye Cream
  • Summer Fridays CC ME Serum
  • Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Mask

Finally, to put a point on this special day and all the women who make our community what it is, we asked Sabrina to let us know what makes her thankful to be a woman:

“ I have always been surrounded by amazing women - not just in my family. I went to an all girls summer camp, all girls high school, and have always worked in female led industries and companies. Women have an amazing capacity to understand emotions and that makes us highly empathetic. We are nurturing by nature, and therefore can be amazing at comforting one another.”

On International Women’s Day, and any other day of the year, do something for you - whether that has material connotations to you or not - we hope that you can listen to what your body and mind are asking for, and give in. Whether that means spending some time in mindful meditation or applying a face mask and watching Netflix for a couple of hours - prioritize you.

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