What to Do During Lockdown

What to Do During Lockdown


The days are getting shorter, the weather is getting colder and we are right smack in the middle of pandemic lockdown 2.0. While it may seem like a hopeless time, and all you might want to do is just melt into a puddle of despair - trust us, we get it - there is a bright side to kind of reliving March 2020 in this seemingly unending year. Yes, we’re going to try to get you to look on the bright side of Covid. 

During a lockdown, life slows down. You no longer can go for dinner with friends, attend family parties, or enjoy get-togethers. Some people are not even going to school or to the office, so overall we’re home more, often looking for things to do that will fill the time that our usual activities would take. 

So even though it gets dark at 5 p.m., we wanted to put together a list of things that you can do from the safety of your living room couch - or any spot in your virus-free house - that will help you maybe enjoy lockdown, even if it’s just a little.

  1. Get a hobby: Seriously. You can learn to knit, create DIY holiday decorations, learn a new language. All of these things can keep your mind occupied, and off the fact that you haven’t really seen anyone. Hobbies also instill a sense of purpose in a person, which can help you feel less like you’re adrift during this pandemic. A new hobby or skill is something that you can also carry forward with into a life post coronavirus. It’ll bring you back to a more peaceful, slower time, which can help you destress from the chaos of a busy life.
  2. Take a walk: It doesn’t actually need to be a walk, but make sure that you move your body in ways other than from your desk to your couch and back again. Exercise, be it weightlifting, yoga, or even a walk around the block, will get the blood flowing and change the ideas in your head. Turning your focus on yourself rather than what is going on in the world, or at work, is a great way to ease anxiety. You’ll also feel more energized once you’ve done it, and when life regains a sense of normalcy, it could be a habit that you’ll want to hold on to as it helps create a healthier, happier you.
  3. Netflix and chill: Sixteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy are on Netflix. They only start talking about Coronavirus in season 17, so you don’t need to go that far. Sometimes we just need to turn our brains off and unwind. Get on your couch with your fluffiest, most cozy blanket, a glass of wine or a cup of tea, and get lost in another world - where the character’s stresses don’t need to be yours. Zoning out can feel therapeutic, highly recommended.
  4. Turn your focus inward: We do not mean navel gaze, we mean meditation or journaling. Meditation can help improve the symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost your mood, and also reduce stress. Make it part of your daily routine and take a few minutes to close your eyes and breathe in and out. Putting your thoughts to paper can help you process and release your feelings. You can write about your worries and observations, but you can also write down the things you are grateful for at the moment. There is a great selection of apps that you can download to help get you started with either of these activities if they seem daunting to you.
  5. Host a zoom party: We know, Zoom, during lockdown? Groundbreaking. But seriously, we need to see and spend time with our loved ones. Humans are social creatures, we are not made to be cooped up. Feeling alienated contributes to feelings of anxiety, hopelessness and depression. Make sure that you’re connecting in some way, shape or form with those around you. If you feel okay, your mom, or best friend, might not be feeling great and may not know how to vocalize it. Reach out to others, if not for your own benefit then for someone else’s. We’re all in this together.

Remember, slower living doesn’t need to equate to boring living. We are all trying to stay safe and keep others safe, but we need to continue living. Enjoy a nice bottle of something, light an expensive candle, or take a luxurious bath. The year has been heavy, make sure that you take care of yourself. 

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