About Us - Our beliefs and Standards


At Wearshop, we know that a world leaning towards sustainable and ethical practices needs a well-crafted handbag that stands out from the others. Our mission is to extend the life of end-of-leather-production rolls that would otherwise be discarded. Guided by the principles of a circular economy, we offer our clients sustainable and exclusive high-end leather goods.

Our main focus is craftsmanship: each of our bags is signed and dated by the local artisan who made it, to add a personalized touch. We produce our leather goods sustainably by creating a small number of pieces in order to avoid waste. By choosing a Wearshop leather good, you are investing in the local economy, helping to provide work for our talented artisans so they can keep creating unique pieces for you.

Our goal is to make our bags a staple of the professional woman’s daily wardrobe, combining luxury, comfort, and sustainability into a piece of fine craftsmanship. This new kind of luxury is no longer about just the look of a final product: it’s about how it is made, the people involved in making it, and how the materials that are used can help reduce waste. Lowering our impact on the planet while keeping up? Now that’s what we call luxury.