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  • Four Women Who Hit Their Stride After Kids

    It’s no surprise to anyone that many women completely change their lives after they’ve had a baby. Whether they decide to stay home, completely change their career trajectory or charge head-on into the job they left behind, some may feel that they’ve lost their sense of self. Take a quick pick-me-up from these four women who can inspire you to continue evolving. 
  • Rethink Your Relationships

    When you think of relationships, the first thing that comes to mind likely isn’t whatever’s hanging in your closet. Maybe it's time to rethink that and find that your favorite relationship is with a piece of clothing or accessory
  • Make Your Outfit Work from 9 to 5 and 5 to 9

    A quandary for the ages: Can I wear this out tonight? Life is busy, and you probably find yourself racing against the work week’s clock. You might not have the time to seriously consider the answer to that famous question, so it’s helpful to have a few tips to keep your wardrobe working for you, whether it’s corporate-wear or cocktail-appropriate. 
  • Lean In To 2020

    At the end of one year and beginning of another, we start to think of things we’ll resolve to do over the next 52 weeks that will somehow make us a different version of ourselves. Resolutions do not need to come from a place of guilt, they can come from a place of ambition. It doesn’t need to only be career ambition, it’s ambition in all areas of life. Leave your comfort in 2019, and consciously do things that will challenge you.
  • Slowing down for a better living

    What is luxury? For us, it’s the luxury of choice, of time well spent. It’s taking something ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary, something that is part of you, part of its maker. 
  • Circular economy

    Many companies in the fashion industry have been confronting the menace of climate change by implementing innovative sustainable measures.